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Education Department
National University of Ireland, Maynooth


My educational journey began with a passion for the arts: trained as a professional dancer, and working with visual media (video and photography), I dedicated myself for over ten years to experimenting with embodied and aesthetic modes of creation. Entering the field of education in 2018, a newfound love for theory and research became an integral part of this journey. After graduating with an MSc in Educational Studies at the University of Glasgow (with Distinction), I was awarded a Graduate Teaching Studentship at Maynooth University in 2019, where I began my doctoral work exploring the educational value of death in a time of climate and environmental emergency. To this day, my curious spirit dances between philosophy of education, critical posthumanism, feminist new materialisms, the environmental humanities, art and aesthetics, death and dying. 

Curriculum Vitae (coming soon)

Photo credit: Julien Herger

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