Synopsis: The film is inspired by the true story of Anne Giddey, suffering form schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis. Trapped in an ocean of endless waves of illusions, Anne painfully carves her way through life. Her poignant story impregnated by pain and torment also reveals a great sensibility and a powerful desire to live. Ultimately, she appeases the whirlwind in which she is caught in, and slowly rebuilds a life anchored in this plane of reality.



Fascinated by such a destiny, I wished to interrogate the thin barriers that separate reality from delirium, the temptations of becoming immaterial, and the desperate aspiration to reach a timeless space. I've therefore chosen to illustrate climactic moments of her autobiography (titled Les épines du destin) in a sensorial and affective manner, blending to a tactile sensitivity a phantasmagoric soundscape.

Juliette Clara Bertoldo

The film was presented at various medical conferences and events :

02/2020: HUG dans le cadre de cours pour la haute école de physiothérapie du canton de Vaud

02/2020: HUG Belle-Idée Perspectives soignante.

09/2019 Association ATB/D (Associations des troubles bipolaires et dépression) avec l'intervention du Professeur Aubry chef de la psychiatrie genevoise

10/2018: Journée mondiale de la santé mentale